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Dream team

Over the years, we have assembled and disassembled so many teams! But now we have the perfect one. The experience of the years and the strength of youth. Read more about our team

Worldwide service

At Lampminds, we assist clients from all around the globe. USA & Canada (both coasts), European Union, Latam.

Work with heart

At Lampminds, we work with dedication. We love our job, and we always put forth our best effort to help our clients boost their business and streamline their processes. Check out our portfolio of satisfied customers.

Gabriel Schillaci


 Highly skilled and accomplished professional with extensive IT background and proficiency in full-stack development across various platforms, including Linux, Windows and IBM AS/400. Adept at creating robust and efficient web applications. Known for expertly utilizing PHP and Laravel frameworks to streamline development processes and enhance the user experience. Adept at designing and implementing APIs, optimizing database performance, and ensuring security of web applications. 

Paola Ramirez


 Paola has a degree in Computer Science from the Faculty of Engineering in Buenos Aires.
Experienced Systems Analyst with extensive experience in programming languages such as Informix, PHP, and recently Laravel. Extensive background in the development and maintenance of systems (Aerolíneas Argentinas).
 Currently focused on the development of RedConstructora, using Laravel and Filament

Lahuen Millañanco


 Young blood for Lampminds!
Since 2022, Lahuen has become a valuable member of the Lampminds staff. With a steadily advancing career, Lahuen brings his ability to develop Laravel solutions for our current clients. 

Valentino Schillaci


"Talis pater, talis filius..." Segundo hijo de Gabriel y Paola, es la reciente incorporación a la fuerza Lampminds desde 2024.

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